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Hochdorfer's u, u, 6, 6, and also for my getic puckering. u, u, u, 6, 6, o, D, the palate and tongue-positions form a regularly descending series. The lip-shapes for my u, u, u form a regularly widening series, and those for my 6, 6, o, o form another. III. a, a, B and Q, a, ce, a, 3 stand between the back and the front vowels. For a and a the soft palate is lowest. All these sounds are unrounded, except ce, which is decidedly round (see 23, a, 15), and B, which has a touch of English rounding (see note II.

Lar. = Accent, = Table, Qu. = Quantity, INDEX OF SOUNDS. Sounds. INDEX OF SOUNDS. ENGLISH. [Dr. = Drawing, Des. = Description, Com. Sounds. Tab. = Combinations, = Table, Q u. = Quantity, Dial. ] Ace. = Accent, INDEX OF SOUNDS. Sounds. University of California SOUTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY FACILITY Return this material to the library from which it was borrowed.

Bulb, band. 2. In ordinary speech non-initial dy and ty, when followed by an unaccented or a half-accented vowel, change to d3 and tj: as in gradual, soldier, natural, don't you, CAristutn=gtaed'$vailt sold33, naetjaral, dont/u, 1 So final- -dure and -ture, when entirely unaccented, become krist/an. -d3a and America) -tfa : the d or tj if as in verdure, fiffure=vced'^) 3, pikt/a; t Before an accented vowel dy, ty often become d3, and the y belong to separate words; the y of you, yours, most subject to this change as = no,tfet, did y6u = did3u, all but y6urs is your rarely = : d3uti, provided the yet but literature (in = litarat/ua.

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