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Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk (Warbird Tech 25) ByDennis R. JenkinsPublisher:Specialty Press1999 a hundred PagesISBN: 1580070205PDF92 MBThe F-117 A has served one function super good. It has furthered the reputa­tion of Skunk Works because the builder of mysterious mystery plane.

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Nevertheless the figure does indicate that the overall aircraft airworthiness achievement will require around a fivefold improvement. and it will need to be better than the present notional target of one loss in ten million flying hours. 4. 3 3 Military aircraft considerations A similar philosophy is applied to the operation of military aircraft in peacetime and. at least to some degree, to guided weapons during the launch phase when personnel are '~oward. R . W. Breaking through thc lo6 banier.

For structural design a modification of the body axis system is expedient. plane and have what is referred to as a doubly symmetric configuration. Associatcd with the axis system O q z are: (a) Linear velocity perturbations of u, v , and w and the corresponding accelerations along the x, y, and z directions, respectively, together with forces X, Y , and 2. (b) Angular vclocity perturbations of p , q, and r and the corresponding accelerations about the x, y, and z axes together with moments L. M, and N, respectively.

It is particularly applicable in three circumstances: (a) When the structure is very special both in concept and application such that there is inadequate past experience to be able to specify realistic factors. (b) When there is high variability or randomness in the loading, material properties, construction techniques, and the like. (c) When the design is a complex system having many components as, for example. in a flight control system. The first two of these circumstances are encountered in nautical structures where each one may be different from every other and the wind and wave loadings are random.

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