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By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

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50 A few cells also project into the cell-free region from the central, basomedial, and cortical nuclei. Cells located in the medioventral subdivision 11 of the medial amygdaloid nucleus represent the main afferent source for the major part of the core of the NVM. In addition, a few cells project to the core from the caudal part of the basolateral, cortical, and basomedial nuclei. In earlier anatomical studies, the basolateral and central nuclei were not ranked among the amygdaloid nuclei projecting to the NVM, though electrophysiological examinations suggested such a connection (Ono and Oomura 1975).

Based on Golgi studies, an extensive bidirectional connection is assumed to exist between the MFB and medial hypothalamus (Szentagothai et al. 1962, Millhouse 1969, Van Cuc 1979) along the entire length of the MFB. However, there does appear to be a particular region, the lateral retrochiasmatic area, through which a large number of fibers run to medial and caudal (Palkovits ... Fig. llA-C. Distribution of degenerated fibers projected onto frontal sections. "Dorsal SGC" lesion. Plotted from Fink-Heimer impregnated sections.

First, the topography of the pathways and then the cells of origin will be surveyed. 10 In between the three descending systems, fibers of ambiguous origin form arches in the frontal plane (Comad and Pfaff 1976a). Thus the territory of the parabrachial region-cuneiform nucleus is supplied by both medially and laterally descending systems. 2 Connections Between the Hippocampus and the MBH Topography of Pathways. Hippocampal efferents run rostrally in the superior fornix and in the fimbria. In the septum, after some degree of mixing, they form the pre- and postcommissural fornix.

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