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Yet another close analogy comes from the Born-Infeld non-linear extension of Maxwell electrodynamics, whose (dual) Hamiltonian is proportional to (48) 1− 2 2 2 2 1 − E2 /Emax − H 2 /Hmax + ( E × H )2 /Emax Hmax (91) in terms of the electric and magnetic fields E and H, respectively, with their maximal values. For instance, in String Theory one has Emax = Hmax = (2πα )−1 (48). Substituting the solution (88) back into eq. (86) yields the corresponding f ( R)-gravity Lagrangian 2 · 7 f0 f1 2 · 73 f 13 − 3 f ± (R) = 11 f 2 3 · 112 f 22 (92) 19 2 22 3/2 − 2 f 2 ( Rmax − R) f1 R ∓ 11 33 3 · 11 Expanding eq.

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