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03 per litre, or both these services together. Still carrying out the evaluation solely in terms of the impact on variable operating costs, you are required to advise Knockshinnock on the appropriate response to this further offer . 2 Analysis OtTer to supply electricity This problem is concerned with the make-or-buy decision for a service, where services are provided by one service department to another as well as by service departments to the one operating department, which is the mine. 40 per cubic metre (nr') .

Would the extra costs associated with the need to introduce more RDA unit assemblies in order to obtain an output of 1000 finished units per shift exceed the cost savings of £600 per shift arising from test simplification? To examine this issue, it is necessary first to draw up the partitioned stochastic matrix as it would appear without reworking. 536 RDA unit assemblies into the system . 57) = £750 for this simplification to be economically justifiable. In fact the cost saving available (of £600 per shift) falls well below this, so that the test simplification should not be undertaken .

Of the £23000 owed in respect of this account at time t, £14000 is paid by t + 1 (and so passes into age category 0) and £9000 remains outstanding for a further month (and so passes into age category 2). Expressing amounts in thousands of pounds, B 20 = 14 and B 22 = 9. By way of comparison, consider Customer Account 10. Like Account 1, this is in age category 2 at period t, so that j = 2. There are no payments at all in respect of this account during April, so that the account as a whole moves into age category 3 by the end of April.

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