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By John H. Zammito

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Since the Nineteen Fifties, many philosophers of technology have attacked positivism—the thought that clinical wisdom is grounded in goal truth. Reconstructing the historical past of those evaluations, John H. Zammito argues that whereas so-called postpositivist theories of technological know-how are quite often invoked, they really offer little help for trendy postmodern techniques to technology studies.

Zammito exhibits how difficulties that Quine and Kuhn observed within the philosophy of the typical sciences encouraged a flip to the philosophy of language for solution. This linguistic flip resulted in claims that technological know-how has to be positioned in either ancient and social contexts, however the claims of modern "science experiences" purely deepened the philosophical crisis. In essence, Zammito argues that not one of the issues of positivism offers the slightest justification for denigrating empirical inquiry and clinical perform, offering really a blow to the "discipline" postmodern technological know-how studies.

Filling a niche in scholarship thus far, A great Derangement of Epistemes will entice historians, philosophers, philosophers of technology, and the wider clinical community.

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One striking feature of Quine's discussion of indeterminacy of translation is that for a considerable time, starting with Word and Object, he acted as though he did not need to offer a proof of the thesis, as though it were already established. " That is, he presumed indeterminacy of translation followed from the collapse of the analytic/synthetic distinction insofar as that demolished synonymy and with it any grounds for mentalist semantics. But in the face of repeated challenge over the last thirty years, Quine has had to mount several efforts to support his thesis.

41 42 CHAPTER TWO As with matters hitherto, it will often be his commentators rather than Quine himself who flesh out the nature of his arguments and the point of his thesis. By postulating the ontology of current natural science, Quine believes he can anchor epistemology as much as it can be anchored, since there is no first philosophy, no foundationalism. There is a "fact of the matter" about the world for Quine, because he adopts as his ontology the views of contemporary natural science. Physicalism postulates that all there is, ultimately, is the world of physics, the world physics as a research science has unearthed, or the world according to the latest theory of physics.

Still, Quine wishes to adhere to the evidential warrant that can be supplied by dispositions to assent or dissent to observation sentences. " Observation sentences taken holophrastically are the only checkpoints we can access. Quine summarizes this: "Grant that a knowledge of the appropriate stimulatory conditions of a sentence does not settle how to construe the sentence in terms of existence of objects. "271 Theory has access to facts in such sentences, and that is all there is to say about evidence.

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