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By Åshild Næss, Even Hovdhaugen

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Vaeakau-Taumako, often referred to as Pileni, is a Polynesian Outlier language spoken within the Reef and Duff Islands within the Solomon Islands' Temotu Province. this is often a space of significant linguistic variety and long-standing language touch which has had far-reaching results at the linguistic scenario.
Historically, audio system of Vaeakau-Taumako have been shipbuilders and navigators who made alternate voyages through the zone, bringing them into consistent touch with audio system of the Reefs-Santa Cruz, Utupua and Vanikoro languages. The latter languages are just distantly with regards to Vaeakau-Taumako, making up an just recently pointed out first-order subgroup of Oceanic. Polynesian audio system first arrived within the region a few 700-1000 years in the past from the middle Polynesian components to the east. whereas this present day such a lot intra-group conversation happens in Solomon Islands Pijin, frequently the placement used to be one in all wide multilingualism, and this has left profound lines within the grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako, which exhibits a few structural houses now not identified from different Polynesian languages.
A Grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako is the main accomplished grammar of any Polynesian Outlier to this point, and the 1st full-length grammar of any language of Temotu Province. in accordance with broad fieldwork, it's established as a reference grammar facing all points of language constitution, from phonology to discourse association, and together with a variety of glossed texts. will probably be of curiosity to typologists, Oceanic linguists, and researchers drawn to language touch.

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8) 15 hahie [hahie, hehie, fafie, fefie, vahie] 'firewood' hahine [fafine, fefine, hahine, hehine] 'woman' ileila 'see, look', cf. ila 'see, look' mahila [mahila, mehila] 'knife' talie [talie, telie] 'tropical almond, Terminalia catappa' ai [ai, ei] 'there (oblique pro-form)' hai tama [haitama, heitama] 'be pregnant' Possibly related to Aiwoo vetiingii 'be destructive' Vowels 31 siai [hiai, hiei, siai, siei] 'no, not' hua [fua, fue, hua] 'egg, flower, fruit' auau [auau] (VAE, NUP), [euau] (TAU) 'species offish' ikalua [ikalua, ikelua] 'co-wives; two wives of the same man' kanukanuia [kauukanuia, kenukenua, keukenuia, kaukanuia] 'decorate by painting' If the assimilating vowel is in the initial syllable of a word, it may also be influenced by the final vowel of the preceding word.

The a-forms in the latter example are diachronically the original ones (cf. PPN *taku 'mention, recite') and are considered the correct ones in current Vaeakau-Taumako, but they are hardly ever used in the spoken language. In writing only the a-forms are acceptable, and tuku(a) is consistently changed to taku( a) by consultants when transcribing recorded texts. - i - o: momoili [momoili, momoilo] 'be clever', pihoulu houlu] 'head' [pihoulu, po- For the alternation o- u, the examples fall into two groups.

This canoe-building and trade voyaging was the main economic specialization of the Polynesians in the area, and their major source of political power and social prestige. However, following restrictions by the British administration on interisland voyaging, considered too hazardous, and on the export of women, the Reef Islands' main contribution to the interisland exchange, the trade network gradually weakened and eventually collapsed in the first half of the twentieth century. When there was no longer any market for the sea-going puke canoes, they were no longer built, and interisland voyaging drastically diminished as a result; by the time Davenport visited the islands in 1960, only two puke canoes existed in the Reefs and Duffs area (Davenport 1968a: 177).

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