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The lack of other examples prevents us from postulating an underlying tone of this morpheme. The evidence that / is a morpheme rather than part of a root is provided by the fact that, unlike a lexical word-final vowel, it is not deleted in phrase-internal position: (3) fai to gdldäm meat GEN pig 'pork' (4) £ t3 ykü-damü meat GEN goat-bush 'gazelle meat' The marker may well be a lexicalization of the form that results from the addition of the plural marker yil to the noun feä, with the ensuing final-vowel reduction.

In the process of syllabification 26 Phonology the underlying segments nd and ng never become *nad or *ndg but rather ndd or «ga: (77) / ndd kd ber-e . . 3PL go INF sell-GO 'They were going to sell . . ' ngdcf ngdtf i count count 3 PL 'They counted . ' ngdtf count Syllable-initial sequences of three consonants are not allowed. The schwa is inserted between words in a clause to prevent a disallowed syllable structure from emerging. ) PREP water 'and entered into the water' (natural discourse example) A schwa is also inserted to prevent a disallowed consonantal sequence from emerging.

The vowel system (36) gamtak wanta 17 'chicken' 'mahogany tree and its fruits' Stop-continuant clusters do not occur in intervocalic position unless they are products of reduplication: (37) fädfad 'eight' Continuant-stop clusters occur only as a product of reduplication: (38) kafkafa 'morning' , with the form A;a/recorded as well. When the cluster consists of a nasal followed by a stop, the nasal may assimilate to the following stop: [munburko] and [mumburko] 'yesterday'. HAB where 'where is he sleeping' An affricate and a stop can also form a cluster, but the only cases recorded involve the reduplication of a syllable: (40) blbicblbic 'all day' No geminated consonants are allowed, except for a geminated lateral liquid.

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