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Ang nimp-ye-Ø māva-yam yena. ’ 4 cf. 3, page 37. 5 cf. 4, page 38. 6 cf. 5, page 38. ’ Constituent order typology (64c) THIS IS STILL A DRAFT 30 Locative without preposition: Ya yoma-yāng nanga-Ø. ’ Especially the locative case marker takes the inherent meaning of a verb regarding the location of its argument for granted. In order to specify the relation between verb and noun as concerns position more elaborately, preposition words. These are derived from nouns, some even from the words for body parts.

The differences exhibited by the language as opposed to the mentioned predictions are its handling of adpositions, question words and the way articles are handled: Ayeri mainly uses prepositions, although it possesses a share of postpositions as well. Question words are not sentence-initial, but take the position of the noun phrase they query for. Articles exist in so far as case markers precede proper nouns as expected, however, they appear as suffixes with common nouns. 2, page 6. Constituent order typology THIS IS STILL A DRAFT 34 demonstrative pronouns, precede nouns as prefixes.

After all, making up your own rules cannot be as bad as learning preexisting ones, by definition! And thus I created my first constructed language with the little knowledge of German, English, and French grammar I had acquired in school, and I was bound to basically reproduce that. Eventually I gave up on this first attempt after a couple of months and started a new project, which was doomed to die only a couple of months later as well, suffering from similar problems. However, I had also got in touch with the Zompist Bulletin Board forum3 and 1 Fauskanger, Helge K.

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