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The embedded sentence marker is considered to be a suffix on the sentence rather than a verbal affix. 4 below). The genitive deletes the verb of the sentence (see T 11), but the nominalizer -Vm is still suffixed to the sentence subject. 14 A Generative Granmar of Afar makaaban 't-i-m bac' l-i-m that which belongs to the chief that which belongs to the husband Additional evidence that the embedded sentence markers (nominalizer -Vm or the complementizers -i and -'e) are suffixed to the sentence rather than to the verb is found in derived verb forms which always have the markers on the auxiliary.

Nikodi i 'mus 'ka-k iyyan 'num su'ge (John 3:1) Nicodemus unep NP-of they say man was There was a man who was called Nicodemus. bee'tanya 'ka-k iyyan baa'eo-h 'num laka'misak Bethany unep NP-of they say countPy-in man sick yen was (John 11: 1) A man was sick in the country which is called Bethany. 9 Pro Replacement of Postpositions in Complements When an equivalence kin'ni sentence has a complement subject in which there is a noun identical to the predicate, that noun is obligatorily deleted (see T 29).

A kitaa'b-af fan this book-mod toward (Shewa and Wollo} a'moyta-ffan ruZer-toward (a'moyta 'fan Northern) 45 46 A Generative Grarrmar of Afar Similarly, lih and luk (the participles of 'le has meaning which in Shewa (and optionally in Wallo and generally after vowel-final pronouns) are treated as clitics taking the connecting vowel after consonant-final forms and the geminate 1 everywhere. Structurally the difference is that -lih and -luk lost an initial geminate 11 (cf. aal 'le regularized) except in Shewa and also in the North with the vowel-final pronouns 'kaa him, 'yoo me, 'koo you, and 'nee us.

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