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By Yukio Tono

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A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is a useful instrument for all freshmen of eastern, supplying a listing of the 5,000 most ordinarily used phrases within the language.

Based on a100 million observe corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and information texts in present use, the dictionary offers the person with a close frequency-based checklist, in addition to alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.

All entries within the frequency checklist characteristic the English similar and a pattern sentence with English translation. The dictionary additionally includes 25 thematically organised lists of often used phrases on various themes similar to foodstuff, climate, occupations and rest. a number of bar charts also are incorporated to spotlight the phonetic and spelling editions throughout check in.

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese allows scholars of all degrees to maximize their examine of jap vocabulary in an effective and interesting approach. it's also an outstanding source for lecturers of the language.

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84 384 戻る modoru v. m. 90 385 勉強(する)benkyou(suru) n. study v. learn, study •• 彼は試験のために一生懸命勉強しています。 — He is studying hard for the exam. 80 386 やめる yameru v. stop, give up •• 彼は煙草をやめた。— He gave up smoking. 91 Frequency index 29 387 下 shita n. under; below; down; low •• セーターの下にシャツを着ている。— I am wearing a shirt under my sweater. 99 388 始める hajimeru v. start, begin •• いつ日本語の勉強を始めたんですか。— When did you start studying Japanese? 96 389 まわり mawari n. circumference; surroundings, neighborhood, around •• この植物はその湖の周りに生えている。— That plant grows around the lake.

Useless, hopeless, impossible •• 私はお酒はだめなんです。— I can’t drink alcohol. 88 477 経つ tatsu v. pass, go by •• 彼が死んでから十年経つ。— Ten years have passed since he died. 90 478 先程 sakihodo n. a short while ago •• 先程、田中様からお電話がありました。— Mr. Tanaka called you a little while ago. 68 479 一回 ikkai n. once •• 私は週に一回買い物に行きます。— I go shopping once a week. 80 480 十分 juubun na-adj. enough, sufficient adv. fully, sufficiently, adequately •• 留学するのに十分なお金を貯めた。— I saved enough money to study abroad. •• 彼は登山の危険性を十分理解している。— He fully understands the risks of mountain climbing.

Region, area •• 地域の住民はお互いに助け合った。— The residents of the area helped each other. 81 509 我が waga adn. my, our, one’s •• 我が社は1900年に設立された。— Our company was established in 1900. 53 510 どうしても dou shi te mo adv. by all means, at any cost, no matter what, after all •• どうしても思い出せなかった。— I couldn’t for the life of me remember it. 88 511 のに no ni p. conj. although, though; in order to •• 明日が試験なのに、彼女は遊んでいる。— Even though the exams are tomorow, she is just lazing around. 00 | SP 512 娘 musume n. daughter •• 娘が二人います。— I have two daughters.

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