Download PDF by Timothy Riese, Jeremy Bradley, Emma Yakimova, Galina Krylova: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Mari Language

By Timothy Riese, Jeremy Bradley, Emma Yakimova, Galina Krylova

The book of the 2 volumes of Марийский язык для всех in 1990 and 1991 heralded the start of a brand new period for all these drawn to the Mari language and tradition who earlier than that point had met with the doubtless insurmountable problem posed by way of the inability of sufficient fabrics. For the 1st time there has been ultimately a guide that handled the trendy literary language extensive, was once in actual fact established and good idea out, and likewise was once stress-free to take advantage of. even though the publication used to be written in Russian and meant completely for Russian audio system, it quickly stumbled on its means around the borders and have become the traditional paintings for Mari rookies within the West as well.
Now, two decades later, the ebook has under no circumstances outlived its usefulness, and curiosity within the Mari language, tradition, literature, and faith has on no account reduced, yet, to the contrary, has elevated. It was once felt valuable, although, to evolve the publication to fulfill present-day wishes. This intended updating the texts to mirror contemporary adjustments in Mari society, modernizing the orthography and the language used, and changing the ebook for the needs of the various Mari beginners who would not have entry to a Mari instructor, in different phrases making it totally appropriate for self-learners. within the pursuits of universality very important adjustments have been made: 1) The ebook used to be rewritten in English instead of in Russian, and a couple of) it will likely be made to be had all over the world on the net, instead of being released in a standard revealed structure.

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3. In the following sentences put the verb into the third person singular or plural. ) (илаш) Елу Йошкар-Олаште … . Елу ден Серге Йошкар-Олаште … . ) (тунемаш) Эчан школышто … . Эчан ден Ивук школышто … . ) (ышташ) Серге редакцийыште пашам … . Серге ден Пӧтыр редакцийыште пашам … . ) (кошташ) Ануш йочасадыш … . Ануш ден Олюк йочасадыш … . ) (туныкташ) Елу университетыште … . Елу ден Миклай университетыште … 45 4.

Read the following dialogue and then write three similar ones using the words given. - Курскай, тый кӧ улат? - Мый *инженер улам. - Тый мыняр ияш улат? - Мый 39 (кумло индеш) ияш улам. - А кушто тый пашам ыштет? - Йошкар-Олаште, *заводышто. ) Иза: *агроном, 25 ий, *ферме. ) Кока: туныктышо, 53 ий, школ. ) Ака: *студент, 19 ий, университет * инженер ‘engineer’, завод ‘factory, plant’ агроном ‘agronomist’, ферме ‘farm’, студент ‘(university) student’ 4. Put the noun in parentheses into the illative case.

To love’ 15. Translate into Mari. My name is Serge. I live in Yoshkar-Ola. I am twenty years old. I study Mari at the university. Her name is Ludmila. She lives in Morko. She is 45 years old. She works in a factory. His name is Echan. He lives in Kozmodemyansk /Козьмодемьянск/. He is four years old. He goes to kindergarten. 16. Write down the dictation. mp3 61 4. mp3 I. Text Серге: Елу: Серге: Елу: - Янош: Елу: Янош: Серге: - Янош: Каталин: Елу: Янош: Елу: Каталин: Серге: Елу: Янош: - Елу, таче мемнан деке венгр уна-влак толыт.

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