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This crucial center English textbook, now in its 3rd version, introduces scholars to the wide variety of literature written in England among 1150 and 1400.

New, completely revised version of this crucial heart English textbook.
Introduces the language of the time, giving tips on pronunciation, spelling, grammar, metre, vocabulary and nearby dialects.
Now contains extracts from ‘Pearl’ and Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’.
Bibliographic references were up-to-date throughout.
Each textual content is followed by means of unique notes.

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There were possibly as many as 20 distinct dialects of Dyirbal in pre-contact times, but the data available do not permit recognition of more than 10, Present-day speakers affirm that there were further dialects between P and Y on the coast, and inland from Y, There were probably several dialects of N, of W, and possibly also of G; the evidence available suggests that these would have differed in only very minor ways. Gambilbarra Jirrbal covered a considerable area and there is here definite evidence for several sub-varieties.

I know that he is ill. There is no possibility of extraposing the subordinate sentence (and therefore retaining the it) because the complement is already at the end of the main sentence, and so cannot be shifted to that position. If we turn from English of the present day to that of the Early Modern period, we are faced with data that only partially fits these same patterns. Using Shakespeare as an informant, we can certainly identify constructions similar to our own, but others too. 1,75-76) For more assurance that a liuing Prince Do's now speake to thee, I embrace thy body.

Throughout t h i s paper, I employ a practical orthography, which includes a number of d i ­ graphs. ) bilabial apico-alveolar lamino-palatal dorso-velar stop b d j g nasal m n ny ŋ l lateral there are two r h o t i c s , an apico-alveolar t r i l l , rr, and an apico-postalveolar continuant, r; two semi-vowels, d o r s a l - l a b i a l w, and laminai y ; and three vowels, high f r o n t i high back u, and low a. Exactly the same phonemic system holds f o r a l l the surrounding languages except Mbabaram, which has increased i t s inventory through a series of recent changes (see section 5 ) .

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